2021 The“Weiguang”summer camp is officially opened

The main purpose of this summer camp is to solve the problem that our employees have no one to take care of their children during the summer vacation, and let the children have a pleasant and meaningful holiday. Therefore, we have hired teachers from various disciplines.
[ 2021-07-09 ]

BETTEX “Let happiness go all the way”

On the evening of January 11, the 2019 year-end summary and Spring Festival fellowship of BETTEX with the theme of "let happiness go all the way" was successfully held in Lantian hotel.
[ 2020-01-14 ]

Glory! BETTEX "WHOLE GARMENT" intelligent knitting equipment transformation and upgrading project was commended and rewarded by the district government.

On February 21, at the enterprise commendation and support policy implementation conference in Huancui District, Beijia's "full forming" intelligent wool weaving equipment transformation and upgrading project was commended and awarded by the government.
[ 2019-02-22 ]

Warmly celebrate the relocation of BETTEX to the new office building

2018 coincides with the 18th anniversary of the founding of bettex, and successfully completed the relocation of the new building in a Commemorative Year, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.
[ 2018-12-03 ]
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